Are you ready to invent the home of the future?

H-ACK LIVING, planned for September 27-28 and organized in collaboration with The Innovation Week/Maker Faire, has the goal of reinventing the concept of smart home and making its objects connected, by taking advantage of digital technology and innovation.

H-ACK LIVING will be dedicated to the development of innovative digital ideas and some leading Italian furniture and design companies (Elica, Valcucine and Slamp) will take part. The event will be at the MAXXI B.A.S.E in Rome.

H-ACK’s format is simple: developers, designers and marketing specialists will work in teams to find digital solutions to the companies’ needs.

Every team must have 4 members minimum and 6 maximum and must include every type of profile.

Team members work in a very collaborative way: finance and marketing specialists deal with the market analysis, feasibility and sustainability of the idea; designers handle the graphic look, user interface and interaction design and developers realize the technical implementation. Ideally, you create a working prototype to show to the companies.

The teams will work from Saturday morning to Sunday late morning. Mentors and companies’ representatives will be at the teams disposal at all times to answer to their questions and doubts. The teams will work all night and there will be also contests for every category.

The participants will have the working spaces at their disposal; also, there will be Arduino and Intel prototyping platforms. Bring your own computer and all the technologies you want (Arduino platforms, Raspberry Pi, 3D printers…). If you want to sleep, bring your sleep bag.

Starting from Sunday late morning, every team will present their project to the companies, the other participants and a jury that will choose the winning group (one for each brief) who will receive a prize.


Sabato 27 settembre:
13:00 Registration
14:00 Welcome H-ACK LIVING
14:15: Presentation companies’ briefs
15:00 Teams forming
16:00 Start hacking!
19:30 Gym Pitch
20:30 Dinner

Domenica 28 settembre:
00:30-03:00 Night contests
07:30 Breakfast
12:00 Projects delivery and lunch
13:00 Final presentation
14:30 Awarding ceremony

There are no particular requirements to participate, not even educational qualification or age.
Every participant must stay for the entire duration of the event; it’s not possible to stay only one day. Non-participating listeners are not accepted.
Very soon you’ll find on Teamble the companies’ briefs you’ll work on (“Brief” section).
The intellectual property of the projects belongs to the participants.

For more info contact us:


H-FARM Ventures is a Venture Incubator founded by Riccardo Donadon in 2005 and it has invested in more than 60 startups and had 7 exits since then. H-FARM invests in innovative small businesses that can handle the transformation of Italian companies in a digital perspective. In H-FARM invention becomes innovation, ideas become products and people become entrepreneurs.