Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling is an Austin-born science fiction writer. He studied journalism and published his first book, Involution Ocean, in 1977. In the 80s Sterling published Cheap Truth a series of fanzines, which are magazines for fans of a particular performer, group, or form of entertainment. He did so under the surprising but revealing pen name of Vincent Omniaveritas (in latin, “truth conquers all things”). Sterling’s writings have been very influential in the cyberpunk movement in literature, specifically the novels Heavy Weather (1994), Islands in the Net (1988), Schismatrix (1985), The Artificial Kid (1980).
In 2003 Bruce Sterling became Professor of Internet studies and science fiction at the at the European Graduate School and in 2005 he became “visionary in residence” at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. In September 2007 he moved to Italy where he found a peaceful place to live in Turin.
Bruce Sterling also founded the Viridian Design Movement, an environmental aesthetic movement founded on the ideas of global citizenship, environmental design and techno-progressiveness. His numerous book-length essays both question and promote how the future is shaping our concepts of self, time and space. Bruce Sterling’s most acclaimed book, The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Order on the Electronic Frontier (1993) is a deep history of the birth of cyberspace, following the periphery of the development of technology from the first telephone hackers to the government’s attack on several prominent hackers in 1990.
Bruce Sterling has blogged extensively in the blog, Beyond the Beyond published by Wired Magazine and has written many articles, including: “Beyond The Beyond Just another WordPress weblog” in Wired (2009). Finally, Sterling has also released a number of anthologies: Visionary in Residence: Stories (2006), A Good Old-Fashioned Future (1999), Globalhead (1992), Crystal Express (1989) and Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology (1986).